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creation through heat

Handcrafted Pyrography

Each of these burn projects are originals based on the initial design. The picture provided will be similar, but not necessarily exactly like what will be shipped to you. We will use similar sizes, shapes, and the same type of wood, but obviously the grain may be slightly different and the artwork will be uniquely handcrafted.


Shipping is included on all orders and we will email you either a First Class or Priority Mail shipping notice. Items will be shipped within two business days of the order placement (if the artwork is in stock) or within two weeks for most pieces that are not currently in stock.
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Patriot of the Air

  • Patriot of the Air
Size: ~ 5.5" height x 25" wide
Burned on a poplar plank and coated with a gloss urethane. 2 eagle heads with an eagle in flight make this piece quite complex and striking. Would look beautiful hung above a doorway or on any wall. Each image seamlessly fades into the next. In person, you will notice a cherry colored reflection when light hits the shadowed areas.


Patriot of the Air (shipping included)


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