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creation through heat

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The Woodburner: Randy Procter

I am excited to develop new expressions of an very ancient art form.

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I am a husband, daddy, and artist. For me creating something is an act of worship, dedication, and meditation.

I am one of those guys that is always doodling, sketching, shading, and imitating natural patterns I see in my environment. After spending 4 years in the US Navy, I took the opportunity to attend Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. After graduating, I got married, worked as a commercial artist and had a few other non-art related jobs. In August 2015, with the encouragement of my wife and friends, I took a position at a local middle school as an Art Instructor. As I explored what I thought would motivate the students – relating to current art mediums and particularly high tech modern methods, I found myself thrust back in time to a very old medium of expression – woodburning.
So, after experimenting with illustration in many different mediums, I found myself drawn to my father's love of wood. My father is a master craftsman in finish carpentry and woodworking. Wood is a fascinating component of the Master's creation. Texture, strength, fiber, grain, patterns, growth – this has become my canvas, my medium for expression. My father's workshop, his knowledge of wood sources and appreciation for using wood to form both aesthetic appealing structures and surfaces has inspired me in the ancient expression of pyrography.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… and as I create, I honor both my earthly Father and my heavenly Father, imitating their art, interpreting in my own unique way their patterns in their favored medium.

Every single burn is done with the highest attention to detail and bold contrast. Each one is handmade, one-of-a-kind, created without stencils. Thank you for taking time to check out my website. If you would like a custom ordered please contact me about a commissioned piece.

Blessings! –RBP

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Wood Artisians:Randy Procter and his father.

I am excited to develop new expressions of an very ancient art form.

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Pyrography or pyrogravure is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object such as a poker. It is also known as pokerwork or wood burning. The term means "writing with fire" from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing). It can be practiced using specialized modern pyrography tools, or using a metal implement heated in a fire, or even sunlight concentrated with a magnifying lens.